Root Canals in Keizer, OR

When the tissue inside of your tooth (the pulp) becomes inflamed or diseased, you may need a root canal. A root canal is a process in which your dentist removes this diseased portion of your tooth. The interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and dried before being filled and then restored with a crown or, in some cases, a filling. Although root canals were once a difficult and often painful procedure, modern dentistry has made it much easier and comfortable for the patient.

If you have a severely damaged tooth that you think may be treatable with a root canal, contact David B. Anderson, DDS, PC in Keizer, OR. He and his team of qualified professionals will be able to diagnose your condition and provide you with the best care for your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth

Good oral care is the best prevention against damage to your teeth. If you do have a cracked tooth or cavity that has become severely infected, David B. Anderson, DDS, PC can perform a root canal or, if necessary, refer you to an endodontist.

There are two common ways that the pulp inside your tooth can become infected. The first is the result of a trauma or injury that causes your tooth to crack, and the other is when you allow a cavity to go untreated. Timely diagnosis and treatment can save the affected tooth from extraction.

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Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent major procedures. Dr. Anderson and his staff are available by appointment to help you with routine preventive care, as well as major and emergency procedures such as root canals. The office has early morning and late evening times available to accommodate people with busy lives and schedules. Please call 503.393.2696.